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Intermittent network performance is no longer a challenge

Intermittent Wi-Fi and network speed were a constant problem for us. It affected our virtual meetings, calls and internet access. ATC upgraded our network and brought much needed stability and higher speeds to both our wired and wireless networks. Virtual meetings, calls, Wi-Fi and network congestion are no longer a challenge.

This was our first major network upgrade. ATC did a great job for us, please give them a call for all your IT needs and see if they can help.

Shawn Stern

Presidente, BYO Records, INC

They can be trusted to provide fast, reliable, and professional  IT service.

ATC is very reliable. We have much fewer Issues.  Also, much quicker.  They respond to my issues and concerns faster than any other firm I have dealt with.  After working with them for years, they can be trusted to provide fast, reliable, and professional  IT service 

Robert Riedi

Owner, The Appraisal Connection

“If there is a problem, it will be fixed right away”

The single biggest benefit we have working with ATC is knowing that if there is a problem, it will be fixed right away.  Network engineers at ATC are very professional and always available to answer any questions I have or fix any problem we have.

 I don’t know anything about technology but Kamran and his team always take the time to explain everything to me and answer any questions or concerns I have no matter how stupid they are without making me feel dumb,   call them.

Sharky Avila

Office Manager, The HYV

Immediate, Vigorous And Unstinting Service

I’ve engaged the service of ATC’s founder and active president from the start. He is degreed in computer science, deeply knowledgeable in the technologies of the internet and videoconferencing, and among pioneers in storage technology. ATC’s success reflects all that plus its continuing dedication to providing immediate, vigorous and unstinting service in overcoming emergencies and helping clients implement their expansion. Give them a call.

Roland Schneider

CEO, Vidcom Group

Conscientious And Responsible
This is a conscientious and responsible employer. I’ve worked with them for years, and Kamran is always easy to work with.

Hasan A

President and Managing Attorney, American Visa Law Group

Professional Care

I sincerely appreciate the help we get from you and ATC. Your prompt and professional care of our network enables us to focus on what matters to us, our clients!

Irv Keschner

Managing Attorney, Patent, Trademark, Copyright

ATC Makes Technology Simple And It Works

ATC came to our rescue with a solid and robust wireless solution for our office and warehouse. Our employees work without being slowed down. The WiFi does not drop, period. You may not understand how important this is for our company. We have coverage across the office, the whole warehouse and our productivity is high.

Communication is great – ATC explains it in a simple manner. They know their stuff and are reliable.

If your company is struggling with this type of situation, reach out right away to ATC.

Iman Shahmiri

Director of Systems, The HYV Thehyv.net Los Angeles, USA

Price Is Important, But That’s Not All

The biggest benefit to using Kamran and the team is knowing I am in good hands with ATC’s professional engineers and technicians who can get the job done. I have hired them for critical jobs, and I know I do not have to worry about the portion that Kamran and ATC manage.

Compared to other IT companies, ATC has the most experience in the IT field and always keeps up on the current equipment and processing. Their quality is absolutely the best!

In choosing an IT firm, you never want to cut back on quality service just to get a lower price when your event or IT needs are on the line.

Price is important, but so is the depth of technical knowledge and the quality of the result!

Garth Fjellstrom

Owner, AV Professionals Carson, CA

Trusted and Reliable Partner in Our Success

ATC is professional, reliable and efficient. They have taken a personal interest in our business and will work around our needs rather than trying to fit us into their schedule.

Their support is customized to our unique business needs. With our hotels and restaurants, it is often necessary to have IT projects done overnight, ATC has been willing to make that happen, often on very short notice.

ATC is an extremely reliable business partner, they respond quickly to all of our requests and do not close the call until we have approved the work.

Ric Robinson

President & CEO, HIR

Dependable and Efficient Experts

We have used ATC for over 14 years. ATC takes pride in what they do, the technicians are always friendly and helpful. They provide a very dependable network, resolve all issues quickly and are always available to answer questions.

Donna Katz

Office Manager, Johnson, Houston & Logan LLP.

You are getting a complete network and security IT department at your disposal, constantly monitoring everything, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The single biggest benefit to us since upgrading our network has been peace of mind, knowing that our company’s network and  IT infrastructure is secure with the highest level of bank grade encryption and end-point protection, which far exceeds our industry minimum required standards.

Most of our competitors use very basic Norton type antivirus software managed by someone in the company wearing multiple hats, spread too thin to truly stay on top of all the constantly changing updates and security protocols. With ATC, this is all handled for you by their experts 24/7, which takes all the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to focus on what you do best — running your company.  If you have a problem, issue or concern, ATC is just a phone call or email away, ready to jump on the network to troubleshoot and resolve situations.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go with ATC, just know that you’re getting much more than antivirus and endpoint protection. You are getting a complete network and security IT department at your disposal, constantly monitoring everything, so you don’t have to worry about it. You’re not just getting an out-of-the box, one size fits all program that sits on your desktop, where you wonder if it’s actually helping to protect you. With ATC, you are getting personalized service that is custom tailored to meet your business’ specific needs and requirements, which are constantly changing. They will adapt with new solutions to continually accommodate you as your business grows. Additionally, they will keep you consistently informed about the most current threats to be aware of, including best practices and security protocols to follow to keep your company and team safe from bad actors.

Jeremiah Lowenthal

CEO, Skypark Benefits Insurance Services

Exceeding Expectations 
First off I want to thank you for finding Kelly for us. He has exceeded my expectations and has been a huge asset to the team in a short amount of time already so I’m feeling very good about this.

Jerry Pannick

IT Manager, Cisco Systems

Part Of Our Family
Our relationship with ATC is very personal and specific. They care about our needs, as if they are personally invested in our company. I see them as an extension of our staff, not as a hired support service. I have confidence that no matter how big ATC grows, we will always be treated in this very personal nature. They get my full endorsement, call them.

Sal Tareen

CEO, Carlutions

Phenomenal Team Attitude

Great job in such a short time. I appreciate your great team attitude in completing this large amount of work. I want to reiterate, great job!!

Mike Zeigler

Senior Manager, Advanced Services Cisco Systems

Professional, Courteous And Knowledgeable

Kamran and his team amaze me regularly. They are professional and an expert on deploying a successful deployment. They make it happen even if it’s short notice on our part.

They are courteous each and every time. Kamran’s expertise and confidence give me peace of mind. A close friend referred me to Kamran and I am forever grateful.

Anyone who has similar needs to ours or frustration with their current IT guy, you need to call Kamran. The ACT team will not let you down.

Eduardo Perez

President/CEO, JP Event Services, Inc. Los Angeles

Building Partnerships With Vendors That Understand Our Business Model Is Key For Us

The single biggest benefit ATC provides is a trust worthy partnership.

ATC has been a one stop shop for us. We are rest assured that any questions, logistical issues or concerns are addressed and flawlessly executed. ATC insures that aspects of the project are handled to our standards allowing us to focus on bigger picture.

Building partnerships with vendors that understand our business model is key for us. Although ATC is a vendor, they are as much invested in our projects as much as we are. They understand that their name and reputation is on the line just as much as ours. Establishing these types of partnerships give us peace of mind.

Rene Gomez

CEO, 5 Star AV Los Angeles, CA

Understands Our Business, Does Their Homework And Delivers With Excellence

ATC is our global services partner for more than 10 years. They consistently provide high quality networking services and resources. This successful partnership is based on the ability of ATC to understand our technical and business requirements well and use their expertise to deliver both with excellence.

They do their homework by investing time to understand the requirement before they provide the solution. This gives us time to focus on our strategic goals.

The ATC staff is highly qualified, and go an extra mile to align with our goals. Give them a call.

Zahoor Khan

Services Deliver Manager, Cisco Systems

Technology Experts That Enable Us To Focus On Our Core Business

We hired ATC because we needed a managed services vendor that could hit the ground running in helping us set up a base infrastructure for our organization. From engagement, Kamran and his team were very professional and tactical in their assessment, recommendations, and solution implementation.

ATC was price conscious in recommending services and products that were aligned with our needs and budget. In short order, ATC is helping us create a sustainable technology setup detailing everything from IT policies and procedures, documentation, security, and support. Every interaction I’ve had with Kamran’s team has been top-notch. Notably, Ron and Cory have stewarded a proactive, positive, and open relationship with us, and I look forward to continued engagement with ATC. They have brought nothing short of their best to the table and are a valued partner to our work.”

Tim Robins

President, Tricom

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