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Advance Technology Consultant Solutions has a great deal of experience with developing, deploying and maintaining applications. Advance Technology Consultant Solution has been successful with increasing business efficiency through the use of custom developed software. Although a proponent of appropriate off-the-shelf products, Advance Technology Consultant Solutions is able to create a wide variety of custom software for specific customer needs. Advance Technology Consultant Solutions can help you develop the best solution that's right for you. Advance Technology Consultant Business Solution's infrastructure and development services complement each other to provide guaranteed solutions based on specific customer goals. Our goal is to build long-term relationships based on personal service and attention.

Development Portfolio

This is an Online Portal for attorneys. Their mission is to help people make the best decisions for their important legal needs. Finding the right lawyer often comes at a critical time in life, most people have no idea how to go about doing it, and resources that offer answers to questions are overwhelming and difficult to understand. Jobs for lawyers , information and forms for the lawyers , lawyers can publish the whitepapers .

Project: Lawyex
Scope of work: HTML , CSS , Jquery, codeignitor, MySQL , Ajax .
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Timesheet Management System

This Application is developed for our client to help track time and hours of employees, Contract Managment and automate the process of invoicing.

Project: Timesheet Management System
Scope of work: GUI, Custom PHP Framework, MVC architecture, MySql, Ajax, Javascript.
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Recruiting CRM

This Application is developed for our client to help track recruiters and requisition effectively and delivering full Recruiting Life Cycle in effective manner. This application is develop to facilitate clients and resporting. Recruiting CRM is the comprehensive recruiting solution that help attract and engage top talent, select and hir the best-fit candidates, and then measure the business results.

Project:Recruiting CRM
Scope of work:Custom PHP Development, MySQL Databases, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax.
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Talking Resume

This iOs , Androids and Web based App is built to help our customer to be able to view Job applicant’s recorded Video along with their uploaded resume, Client also be able to conduct Job applicants video Interviews and have the ability to shortlist candidate within few minutes and select good candidates for its open positions.

Project:Talking Resume App
Scope of work:HTML5, CSS , Jquery , MySQL, SOAP , Red 5 , Flash Action scripting 3 , Javascript.
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Resume Management System

This Application is developed for recruitment companies to add the consultants in the system and can search the resumes based on desired skills , location just like leading job portals monster and dice . Get resumes from multiple sources, job boards, referrals and recruiters. With resume management system, you can collect all applications - no matter what their source - in one central place. Finally, there is one single place, where you and your team can look at all candidates. Bulk upload option of resumes , multiple resumes can be uploaded at once . Resume preview option within system just like google doc viewer..

Project:Resume Management System
Scope of work:GUI , PHP custom architecture , Javascript , XML , Soap , Ajax.
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

eBooks Publishing App

This Application is developed for both web based users and Mobile users in all available platforms. Helping our client to expend the eBooks to a user base which is not being able to publish books for mobile devices due to Technical short coming. User can download the published books in different formats like mobi, epub , kindle . User have option to design the book cover within the system. User can share the published book on different social media websites.

Project:eBook Publishing App
Scope of work:Graphic Design, CSS & XHML, PHP, Python , MySQL , XML , Javascript .
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Distribution Management System

This is a desktop application , system is developed to facilitate Client for stock management , TV ad management , sales management and interaction with distributors through system. This is a distributed system installed on different machines at remote location with central database. Head office staff adds the new orders which is assigned to specific distributors based on the location . Head office staff can check the stock with the distributors within the system . Detailed reporting for top management , which helps in making decisions.

Project:Renker Distribution Management System
Scope of work:GUI , SQL database , .Net, C#, Crystal reports, Microsoft Visual Studio.
Status:Software Developed and Delivered

RF Engineering App

With the help of this Web Based application our customer collects all the important data from Radio Frequencies, Graphs and other application provided to them by their client and generate a proper report format for their client submittal.

Project:RF Engineering Application
Scope of work:GUI, SQL, .Net Framework , OpenCV , Crystal Reports .
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Foot Prints

This iOs , Androids App is built keeping in mind for the safety of users from Identity Theft and to help users to be able to find out if they left any of their foot prints on world wide web for Identity Thieves and able to erase any of those foot prints to minimize the Identity Theft.

Project: Foot Print App
Scope of work:HTML 5, MySQL, web services in PHP, Eclipse , Ajax, CSS 3 .
Status:Application Developed and Delivered


This is a full online website portal for our customer who is selling SE Asian sweets online. With the help of this portal the client’s customers are able to pick desire sweets put in a box weigh it and submit it for delivery and as soon as the order is billed the FedEx or UPS labels printed at the customer warehouse and the product is shipped on time. This Application is developed for our client to help track time and hours of employees, Contract

Project:eMethai Web Portal Application.
Scope of work:HTML 5, CSS , Custom PHP framework , MySQL , Ecommerce , Jquery , Ajax , shipping calculator , Order management .
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Newman Ironworks

This is a website portal for our customer who is manufacturer of functional and decorative iron & metal enclosures and accessories. With the help of this portal the client’s customers are able to pick desired design and add that to estimator and send it for estimations to the relevant personal . Different categories are available on website with sample iron and metal accessories . Easy to navigate and search the desired products .

Project:Newman Iron Works
Scope of work:HTML , CSS , Custom PHP framework , MySQL , Jquery , Ajax , Estimates management .
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Furniture 57

This is online selling store for furniture. An open source plateform is used to develop this solution with all features of discounts , coupon codes , shipping labels , related products , create packages for users.

Project:Furniture R us
Scope of work:HTML , CSS , Jquery , PHP , opencart , MySQL , Ajax , order management , e commerce .
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Ticketing & Wristbands

This website is developed to automate the process of printing orders , user can sign up and create their tickets for any events , user have option to select the number of prints required and price is calculated based on the quantity . User can create custom tickets and wristbands and once done they can order directly through website. Online credit card payment facility is implemented .

Project:Ticketing & Wristbands
Scope of work:HTML , CSS , Jquery, PHP custom architecture , MySQL , Ajax , order management , e-commerce .
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

Agenda Pet

This is an Online Portal for pets. Schedule a Veterinarian , article posting , Pet clinics registration with website . Online appointment with pet doctors. Information about the pets, Buy and adopt pet option through this portal, online consultation.

Project:Agenda Pet
Scope of work:HTML , CSS , Jquery, PHP custom architecture , MySQL , Ajax.
Status:Application Developed and Delivered

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