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ATC was part of the team that rolled out the UCS B-series server when it was first introduced by Cisco Systems.  We have deployed UCS server all around the world and continue to do it today. 

Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers incorporate industry-standard server technologies, delivering a unified-architecture-driven solution for data centers. Our UCS design reduces complexity, both at hardware and management levels across a distributed compute environment, consolidating management across blade and rack servers within a single tool.

Based on Intel Xeon processor, Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers work with virtualized and non-virtualized applications to:

·         Increase server performance, flexibility, and scale for virtualized and non-virtualized applications

·         Deploy server applications faster and manage connectivity as needed

·         Get server memory and I/O capacity to meet every need

·         Reduce the number of adapters, cables, and access-layer switches needed for server LAN and SAN connectivity

Cisco UCS Blade Servers with Cisco UCS Manager and UCS Central provide:

·         Embedded integration of LAN, SAN, and management

·         Local (and optionally global) server profiles and templates for policy-driven server provisioning

·         Auto-discovery, with automatic recognition and configuration of blades

UCS has been a game changer. We use industry's best practrices to design and deploy UCS based solutions.



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