It is clear that move to the cloud is a steady trend. We expect migration to the cloud to continue at a brisk pace because it just makes sense. Cloud services offer ubiquitous access to content and services, on multiple devices, delivered to almost anywhere network users are located. Based on both business and legal requirements, we are seeing rapid adoption of public, private and hybrid clouds. According Cisco cloud index, “By 2017, nearly two-thirds of all workloads will be processed in cloud data centers”. Workloads in cloud data centers is expected to grow 5 times the growth in traditional data center.

Are you ready for the cloud? Have you decided on a technology? Are you thinking of going open source? Review the following trend and let us assist you move into the cloud.

Here is how we can help you get started?
  1. Knowledge transfer on cloud principles and terminology
  2. Present available cloud options
  3. Set expectations based on our experience
  4. Engineer a test/dev cloud environment (Private or public)
  5. Provide hardware and software for the test/dev environment
  6. Based on our experience, we can assist in app selection that you would like to migrate in to the cloud.
  7. Provide resources for proof of concept
  8. Provide resources for day 2 support and access to TAC.
Here is example of an Openstack based cloud that we can setup for you immediately:

It is a turnkey ITaaS Cloud-In-A-Box based on Openstack that gets your private cloud up and running in a matter of minutes without the hassle of trying to integrate several different vendor components.  The ATC CloudStack platform deploys, configures, scales, tunes, and enforces governance atop your custom applications with just a few clicks.  Just tell Ozone a bit about your application and let it do the rest. Or just choose from the library of over 250 applications, tools, and services.


ATC has its openstack based cloud IaaS (infrastructure as a service) right alongside its private cloud offering and with the optional managed services it has already built its enterprise reputation upon. We offer tiered levels of services, service level agreements and prices to match those levels. ATC has put a huge emphasis on deep security and a unified portal across all of its services.

Proven Expertise

  • Datacenter Design & Deployments - Globally
  • Datacenter Architecture
  • DC Migration / Relocation / Optimization
  • Cisco Nexus Platform Expertise
  • Cisco UCS Plarform Expertise
  • Cisco ACE and WAAS Expertise

Advance Services

  • Data Center Design
  • Virtualization
  • Business Continuity and DR Strategy
  • SAN design
  • Data Migration
  • Datacenter Migration
  • Staff Augmentation